Balloon Tours

€- / Per person


Our guests are greeted by a professional operation team. After the registration process, our pilots make daily air checks while our guests enjoy the treats specially prepared for them in our breakfast room before the flight. After determining the most suitable departure point according to the weather conditions of that day, our guests are transferred from our office to the departure area.

Balloons vary in altitude between 5 meters and 1000 meters during flight. Our passengers accompany this extraordinary panoramic view while gliding among the valleys and interesting rock formations. Since the balloons move in the direction of the wind, every flight experience is different from the other. Flight pleasure in the Standard Program is around 45 – 65 minutes. As a memory of the day, all our guests are given a certificate, specially prepared for their names. After a few souvenir photos were taken in front of the balloon basket decorated with live flowers, our guests return to their hotels with our comfortable vehicles.


  •  45 minutes – 65 minutes flight
  • -/per person
  • Turkey

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